How to Stop Losing Your Temper


“I’ve been reading your emails for years now, along with many other child rearing blogs, but yours I have stayed subscribed to. I agree with your parenting approach but most of all I love how you write to women who are at rock-bottom and let them know they’re not alone. So many of your articles have struck a chord with me.”


Exhausted and feeling guilty from constantly losing your temper with your child?

I can relate—as a mom to three, I've had my share of raising my voice and not being as patient as I know my kids needed me to be.

Don't worry. Even if it seems like you've tried just about everything, you CAN stop losing your temper... if you start from the inside out and change from within.

In this PDF, I'll show you how to reflect on who you're being, your habits and triggers, and what you can do when you feel that rush of anger rising within you.

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