Transforming Your Relationship with Your Child

Discover the principles that will transform you into the parent you want to be

Too often, we see parenting as two opposite sides: parent on one and child on the other. We have power struggles, as each side tries to come out on top, make their point, and win the argument.  

But discipline isn't simply doling out punishment or getting our kids to obey every word.  

Instead, discipline is teaching. We're teaching kids how to behave, cope with difficult situations and regulate their emotions. Everything we do should be done with the idea that parent and child are on the same side—helping them learn what they need to learn in childhood. 

In Same Side Discipline, I share the lessons that debunk common parenting myths, and the practical steps you can actually implement that very same day and see real results. You'll get a toolbox of things you can do when those power struggles happen (because they will!).  

And most importantly, you'll learn the mindset shifts on your role as a parent, and how nailing that down is crucial to building a lasting, strong relationship with your child.

“There were many times when my nerves were a wreck and I had no patience to deal with my daughter's crying. I would talk to her with a strict tone of voice, or speak louder than usual, which of course didn't help either of us. Instead, the situation would get worse. But after applying what you said, everything has changed! I now show empathy and look for the reasons she's crying and screaming. I take her in my arms and allow her to calm down. The tantrums have grown fewer and shorter, and my daughter has even found ways to calm herself down. It's been such great progress for the both of us!” 


Why it all starts with you, the parent

Have you read countless articles and parenting books, but still find yourself in the same power struggles with your child? 

Over the course of running my parenting site, Sleeping Should Be Easy, I've come across parents who, despite their intentions and even knowing what they need to do, are still just as overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged with parenthood. 

It was also around this time that I learned where real transformation comes from. It doesn't come from tips and tricks or absorbing as much parenting advice as you can. We "know" what to do. Think of all the resolutions we make about getting healthy—we know we need to exercise and eat well, but we don't always succeed. 

No, real transformation goes deeper than that.

It comes from changing who you are being as a parent, learning how your mindset affect your behavior, and redefining your relationship with your child.

You see, parenthood is only as enjoyable, even successful, when you're able to connect with your kids on a genuine level, not battling with them day in and day out. Where you respect them as the beautiful human beings that they are, rather than simply seeing them as people you need to "fix." 

After all, think of all the questions we ask, like "How can I stop my kid from throwing a tantrum?" or "When is he going to grow out of this phase?" or "She's driving me nuts!"

These are all normal interpretations of raising kids, but we're going about it the wrong way. Lasting, meaningful change starts not by asking, "What do I need to do?", but "Who do I need to be?"

Parenting, I'm learning more and more, is less about trying to change our kids than it is about changing ourselves

And this is none more truer than how we see discipline. Typical discipline relies on fear, power, and control, whereas true discipline is simply: teaching our kids. When we can see that we're not on opposing sides, but rather on the same side, as our kids, only then can we build a strong, solid relationship with them.

For instance, the principles you'll learn in Same Side Discipline are less about suppressing tantrums or coercing kids to obey. Tantrums, meltdowns, and bad days will happen (even to us as adults!). Instead, we'll focus on transforming ourselves and looking at how we interact with our kids in order to teach them how to cope with disappointment and frustration. 

It's not about who wins, but about being on the same side.

And it starts now—in childhood. This is, after all, the "practice" stage where the stakes aren't too high to learn these lessons. The power struggles you're going through now, no matter how challenging, is the perfect opportunity to teach these valuable skills your child should learn.

About the program and instructor

What if you were able to radically decrease the power struggles between you and your child, and deepen the relationship you have instead? How would life be different when you can start noticing a difference in both you and your child?

I know just how challenging it can be to handle your child's behavior and feel like you have no idea what you're doing. When every day seems like you're just waiting for bedtime to happen already, exhausted from the power struggles.

Believe me, I know how you feel!  

Hi, I'm Nina—author, blogger, and fellow mom to three boys who has gone through the same struggles as you. In fact, eight years ago I started my blog, Sleeping Should Be Easy, to record all the lessons I'd been learning as a mom. That blog now reaches well over a quarter of a million readers every month, where I share my best tips on parenting and family life.

But back then, I felt like I couldn't really relate to anyone, assuming no one else could've had the same kinds of struggles I did as a mom. I'm normally a calm person—to see me lose my patience did not feel good to me or my kids.  

I know what it's like to feel depleted after every tantrum, to "switch" to angry mode the minute the kids push our buttons. The anger almost felt like a charge that was determined to erupt, no matter how much I tried to contain it. I dreaded the parts of the day that would trigger yet another power struggle, and I guiltily stopped looking forward to spending time with my kids, and instead preferred the time away from them.  

So you can imagine why I had to dive head in and apply the parenting techniques that would turn things around. The steps that would allow me to enjoy parenthood, learn how to discipline intentionally, and focus on connecting with my kids.  

The coolest thing was... it worked. The right tips and advice was like having a voice nudging me toward patience, and vastly improved the way my kids behaved.  

Because I was parenting from a calm and connected place, I was able to guide my kids and use the challenges as teachable moments for my kids as well as for me. While parenting is a never-ending lesson (aka I'll still lose my cool), I now feel more confident and better equipped to be the mom my kids need me to be.  

In the program, I'll share the most effective parenting techniques I've learned, as well as provide you with a community of supportive parents to encourage you along. It really IS possible to calm the waters in your home, and at Same Side Discipline, I'll help you do just that.

“Believe me I have started noticing the difference in me and my kid. I can’t thank you enough. It’s a shame I didn’t find you earlier. There were so many things I was doing wrong. I totally love the idea of positive language. It surely works Nina. You are incredible.”  


Parenting doesn't have to be hard

My friend, constant power struggles are no way to live your life

Yes, they're inevitable, but taken too far, you run the risk of dreading the time you spend with your child than actually enjoying or learning from it. You might assume you're stuck, that this is simply the way life is, and that there's nothing you can do about it. 

I'm here to show you that parenthood doesn't have to be hard—life truly can be enjoyable, even for busy parents.  

I hope you'll join us and make the changes you've been meaning to make with one of the most important aspects of your life—being a parent. This is the program that will equip you with the tools you need to better manage those power struggles. 

“I was looking for a change in the way I was parenting my kids, but I didn't know where to start. Your realistic and practical advice helped a lot as it changed my perspective. You have helped me understand my kids better, especially when they cry. I now have extra patience and empathy for them and feel so much more connected. My toddler is amazing us every day—she is understanding me better, sleeping on her own, not throwing tantrums, the list goes on. I wanted to take the time to share this with you and thank you!”


The Coaching Program Overview


We'll start the program by defining the vision you want for your relationship with your child.


What kind of parent are you truly being, deep down, and how do you see your child? Learn how the stories you tell yourself about you and your child impact who you are being.  


As much as we'd like to think parenting is about changing our kids, it's more about how we ourselves grow and mature as parents.  


You can't control anyone but yourself. Learn why trying to mold your child one way or another backfires, and how it's better to focus on yourself.  


Do you react too quickly to your child's behavior? Learn how to respond without taking things too personally.


Melt your child's defenses and show you understand her point of view.


Your relationship with your child is a two-way street. Learn how to nurture one with mutual respect.


The hardest part of being a parent is showing unconditional love. Discover how to show your commitment to loving your child (and what that really means) while still providing the boundaries he needs.

“Going through the program has helped me strengthen the relationship I have with my three-year-old twin boys and decrease stress in the household. The ramp ups aren't as extreme, and I don't feel as anxious about how to handle the situation. I've been able to de-escalate hitting and toy throwing instead of getting into a power struggle. Thank you!”  


What's Included:






Get support and encouragement

Ever wish you could find help and support from like-minded parents? Get advice, tips and encouragement not only from the lessons but from other members of the program, too! 

When you join Same Side Discipline, you'll be invited into a supportive parenting community in our private Facebook group

Discuss the lessons, share wins, vent struggles and bounce ideas off of one another. Build connections with other parents going through similar situations to feel more confident and better equipped in parenthood!

“Same Side Discipline gave me better perspectives on how to look at situations with my child. Since the program, I've been able to slow down and not react so emotionally, allowing me to set a better example on how to handle feelings.” 


Frequently asked questions


Same Side Discipline is an 8-week online parenting program where you'll discover parenting techniques that will turn power struggles with your child into teachable moments for the both of you.  

I named the program "Same Side Discipline" because I truly believe that in order to solve power struggles, we need to rethink of ourselves as being on the same side as our kids, instead of being on opposite sides.  


While its core principles apply to parenting any child's age, Same Side Discipline benefits parents of toddlers through the early elementary years, particularly those who are interested in parenting and behavior issues with their children.  

Even more specifically, we're going to tackle power struggles with our kids—those moments when we lose our tempers and when every day feels like yet another battle with them.


They're quite different! The blog is a quick look into common parenting topics, while Same Side Discipline dives deep into parenting tactics too lengthy to cover in any one article.  

Same Side Discipline deals specifically with power struggles, and offers a refreshing new way to think about the role you play as a parent. 

Plus, you have instant access to me and your fellow parents for questions and support.


You will get the most out of the program—and see results you want—if you attend the live weekly coaching calls, do the homework, and participate in the Facebook group. 


No, the private Facebook group is a bonus for you to connect with other parents. 


The first lesson will begin on Tuesday, August 7.

“Since taking Same Side Discipline, I’ve applied certain techniques to help me not lose my temper or feel trapped in my children's meltdowns. I learned how to discipline in a supportive way while still being firm. These lessons have been super helpful and inspiring!”


Imagine a calm and happy home...

Take a step back and ask yourself what it would mean if you implemented the tips and advice found in the program. Imagine...  

  • Starting your days off in the morning without a single fight with your child
  • Getting out of the house on time without bribes or yelling
  • Looking forward to—instead of dreading—seeing your child at pickup time
  • Staying calm and loving when your child misbehaves
  • Laughing with your kids and enjoying the time you spend with them  

Learning how to discipline on the same side as your child can be the turning point you've been looking for—the change that can make life feel full and enjoyable once more.  

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