The Power of Empathy


“Nina, I just wanted to say that your emails always come at the perfect time for me. They make me think differently and are such a comfort that I actually look forward to them. So thank you from all of our family for the time and love you put into your work (and family). You're doing such a great job and it means so much to us all.”


One of the biggest mistakes parents make is not seeing things from their kids' perspectives. The result? Lots of arguments, impatience on either side, and long, exhausting days. 

But for the past several years, I've been teaching parents the power of empathy—the secret key that makes a huge difference in how we interact with our kids.

And now you'll learn this important principle and how to apply it in your parenting. Imagine transforming your relationship with your child, using just the lessons you'll learn right here. 

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