“There are some books out there that I disagree with completely, but 31 Days to Better Parenting is the perfect balance of parent and child. This book allows the parent to still be in charge of the situations, but in a less abrasive way. It helped re-center me on my view of my children and gave me great tools that help our home feel more fun, relaxed and less stressful. I am so grateful I have this helpful tool to help keep my sanity.” -Kelsey Fowler

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The first chapter, "We've Got Discipline All Wrong," sets the stage for the rest of the book as you learn what true discipline really is. This will transform how you view your interactions with your child and keep you focused on your number one job as a parent.

Whether you're dealing with your child's difficult behavior or simply want to learn effective parenting techniques, these tips will help you handle power struggles and build a strong parent-child relationship.

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